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Write-up on Club Agape in Holy Family Church's Connection:

1. Launching of Club Agape

2. Club Agape's First Anniversary 

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Club Agape Virtual


How did Club Agape adapt to the impact of COVID-19 The coronavirus outbreak have led to th

Virtual Weekly Rosary

To overcome the Circuit Breaker restrictions, Club Agape has to resort to making use of social media and the digital means to engage our members. The virtual weekly rosary sessions was introduced on 28th May via Zoom meeting platform. It will be on every Thursday at 2pm. All are welcome to join in.

Operning The Word

Another Club Agape activity that will be launched virtually is the weekly 'Opening The Word', every Friday at 2pm. This is a programme offering prayer, sharing  and insights for the Sunday Readings.

Online Bingo

A survey is being conducted with Club Agape members to gauge the level of interest of online Bingo activity. The response so far has been encouraging. The technical support team is working the details to launching this activity to keep members engaged.

Smart Phone Tutorials

Club Agape has so far conducted three runs of Smart Phone Tutorials.

This virtual training sessions proved to be popular and have overwhelming number of participants. The fourth run will be resuming soom. 

Zoom Coaching


Club Agape launched a special Zoom Coaching tutorial to train volunteers to provide one-on-one peer coaching to fellow members who are first time Zoom users. The aim to enable more members to operate Zoom so that they are connected and are able to participate in more virtual activities that are been planned. 

Sample Zoom Tutorial Certificate of Completion

Download Your Zoom Tutorial Certificate Here
Angeli Tan     Catherine Leong    Christina Goh     Julie Thang         Eileen Goh          Genny Lim        Henry Leong         Melvyn Eber
Mary Chua       Pricila Branson     Sheila Eber       Yvonne Lim      Steve Hogan       Tricia Lua             Paulin Cheong   Matthew Cheong
Download Your Smart Phone Tutorial
Presentation Slides 
( Please WhatsApp Jimmy or Bernie for password)
Smart Phone 
Tutorial 1 
Smart Phone 
Tutorial 2
Smart Phone 
Tutorial 3 
Smart Phone 
Tutorial 4
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