Descriptions of Activities 


Sing Along


Singing provides many benefits for seniors. It can lift their spirits, increase their immunity and provide workout for their brain and their lungs. It can help improve overall mood by actually releasing certain chemicals like dopamine. Singing impacts on the elements i.e. their brain health: movement (being active), discovery (learning new things), relaxation (stabilizing mood) and connection (networking with others).


 Story Telling

There are many benefits associated with storytelling. Storytelling allows seniors to reconnect with their past and feel a renewed sense of self-worth and importance. It opens older adults' memories, encourages verbalization and promotes self-esteem. More areas of the brain respond when the information received is more emotional than factual. According to neuroscientists stories illicit a multi-sensory brain response.Each listener will glean a different emotional response and meaning to the same story based on their own ability to imagine. 


Ukulele Class for Beginners

Learning a musical instrument helps seniors improve their coordination, better concentration, a sense of achievement and relieves stress. Playing Ukulele keeps your mind sharp as it forces our brain in actively trying something new,  improves focus & concentration. Ever wanted to play a musical instrument but don’t know where to start? Come and join this class. You don’t need to have any music background. Participants need to buy their own instrument. 



Origami Class


Origami craft is a quiet, tranquil activity  highly suited for seniors as it brings peace of mind. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration. It helps seniors to stimulate areas of the brain. It challenges them at the cognitive level. It has the therapeutic advantages as you transform a piece of paper into many objects, which gives a great sense of accomplishment. 


Sewing Craft Workshop


Sewing encourages mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety. This meditative action of sewing encourages positivity and feelings of relaxation. This activity improves hand-eye- coordination and attention to details. 


Opening The Word

Every Friday (10am to 11 am), we set aside sometime to read through the scripture reading of the coming Sunday from the bible in a study programme called the “Opening of the  Word.  Together with prayer and a facilitated discussion, it will help us to understand the Sunday Readings more deeply, apply the Word of God to our daily life and to live our Catholic faith in a more powerful way”


Daoyin Yang Sheng 

Gong Shi Er Fa

Qiqong For Beginners

“Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong” This ancient form of Chinese exercise is a low impact activity. The slow, measured movements, deep breathing, gentle & controlled stretches are beneficial aerobic exercises specially suited for seniors who want to stay active. Studies have shown that qiqong increases stamina, strengthens the heart, boosts circulation and lowers stress.

This form of exercise improves the overall functional balance and physical performance therefore lowers the risk of falling and injuries in seniors.  The lessons is conducted in English. Loose T-shirt & pants c/w exercise shoes are recommended.


Paper Craft Workshop